Charley Chase

Like many men, Ethan is also a fanatic of boobs. When he came in to get a Soapy Massage, he noticed that Charley Chase has quite an impressive rack. He may or may not have peeped at the masseuse’s breasts but we know for sure that Ethan got really turned on by Charley. It looks like this lucky guy came to the right place! When the lovely chick took of her robe, his eyes almost popped out and it wasn’t long before his dick went hard. You really have to see what happens in the shower, the Jacuzzi and in the air mattress. Catch more of this episode called “Tittilating” right here.

Danni Cole

An episode called “The Massage Examiner” sure sounds interesting. And what you are about to witness is something you won’t forget for days. See, Tommy is that type of guy who likes to unwind by getting a massage. Danni Cole is his beautiful brunette massage therapist for today and Tommy is really in for a treat. A Soapy Massage is no ordinary relaxing massage, it also includes lots of fun things. See Tommy give Danni a few tips and techniques, and in return, the tattooed babe sucks him and lets him fuck her tits. This is a slippery one you simply gotta see.

Dawn Ivy

A lot of guys get a massage for different reasons. Today, Jay is here to blow off some steam because he is miserable after getting fired and having a huge fight with his wife. It is a good thing that Dawn Ivy is available to relieve his tension. Once Dawn unveils her body, Jay can’t help but ogle and drool at her physique and those little tattoos on the brunette’s skin also turn him on. Each of Dawn’s caresses and rubs push just the right pressure points, if you know what we mean. He’d be so blown away, he almost forgets his name.

Elaina Raye

Divorce can be hard on everyone. And for Nick, going through it was so stressful, he found himself with much lower libido and confidence around women. Needless to say, a Soapy Massage from young blonde Elaina Raye might just be what he needs to get out of this “Divorce Depression”. The masseuse has the perfect touch and the perfect body that lifted up Nick’s spirits. The way she took care of him in the shower and the Jacuzzi made Nick horny like he has never been horny before. When she takes him to the air bed, that’s when Nick loses it and more of the magic happens.

Emy Reyes

Eric is ashamed to admit that he has a bad gambling problem. Now that he has lost so much by betting on his favorite team, he didn’t want to lose his sanity too. He went to get his fill of relaxation at Soapy Massage. The new girl Emy Reyes tickles Eric’s fancy. She is Asian, with long brown hair and a hot rockin’ body. Emy gave him exactly what he needed. She lathered him up, sucked his dick, rubbed him in all his erogenous zones until he could take it no more. “Eric Does Emy” is one heck of a good time!

Erin Stone

What is a “Perfect Body Massage” like? Well, our new girl Erin Stone is about to show us just that. It’s her first day at Soapy Massage and she’s going to show her first client Jenner that she can make it as one of the favorites in the spa. She teases Jenner by showing of her sexy body, her tats and her navel ring. She takes him to the Jacuzzi where she strokes his cock in the warm water then lays him down on the air bed. With some soap, Erin begins to glide on Jenner’s body until he is ready to burst. They shower together and he unloads his cum all over her tits.

Casi James

TJ has been thinking about investing in the massage parlor business. He came to Soapy Massage to see if it is a worthwhile endeavor. Casi James is the hottie who showed him around and uses her charms to seal the deal. When TJ tells Casi that he will fire everyone and hire his own staff when he takes over, the pretty blonde had to up her game to keep her job. She undresses and takes TJ to the shower to prove that she is worth keeping. Soon her mouth is around his throbbing dick at he was licking his clit. You can bet that TJ ends up saying “You’re definitely hired!”

Cassandra Cruz

Steve has been hearing rumors about a special spa with hot girls, so when he was in the area he decided to check it out. He knew he was in the right place when he was greeted by Cassandra, a gorgeous Latina. Cassandra leads Steve to the shower area, she undresses and they hop in. She makes him hard and erect while she plays with herself at the same time. More action happens when they get to the Jacuzzi and the slippery airbed. We can say things get more slippery , steamy and sticky from that point on. Way to go Cassandra!

Cece Stone

Cece has been working at the massage parlor for a while so really knows how to persuade men to get what she wants. In this video clip called “The Pink Diamond”, the young brown-haired Cece Stone opens up herself and her legs to Eric for a special purpose. Cece wants a peek at the special, expensive item that Eric brought so she distracts him by sensually showing off her pink pussy, natural melons and her incredible performance in the tub. Of course the dude can’t resist. But will Cece actually get what she wants? Watch her try right over here.

Chyna Bella

Tanned beauty Chyna Bella is the one in-charge of Joey for today. As it turns out, Chyna is the type of masseuse who enjoys every minute of her work. She does not waste any time, she undresses, strips Joey’s clothes and leads him to the shower. She doesn’t just touch him with her hands, she uses her ample breasts and mouth to caress him everywhere. She takes him into her mouth while they are in the jacuzzie and they get into some 69 action on the air bed too. Check out how it all unfolds in the episode “Releasing the Pressure”.